Reel Barrels® Shipping Information

The vintage whiskey barrel that each Reel Barrels® product is made from measures 36” tall x 24” in diameter at its widest point in the center. The top and bottom diameter is 21” and the barrel staves are made from 1” thick American White Oak. This type of quality construction creates a storage accessory that weighs approximately 120 lbs. Due to the weight and size of our products we must ship via freight carrier. Please be sure to read the delivery information contained on the Delivery Page on this sight.

We recommend that you have your purchase delivered to a business address or that you choose to pick up your shipment at the freight terminal. We make this suggestion because freight carriers apply additional charges for residential delivery. Freight terminal pickup is available in most areas at no additional charge.
Please contact Reel Barrels® directly at [email protected] to obtain an accurate shipping quote.

Instructions for Residential Delivery

If you do opt for residential delivery, you must provide us with your name and contact phone number for the carrier to arrange the delivery. There must be an adult present to accept the shipment when it arrives. Carriers will only make one attempt to deliver to a residential address.

The Reel Barrel® Garden Accessory Delivery


Be sure to check the Reel Barrel® for any damage before you sign the bill of lading or before the truck leaves.  Note: If you don’t check the garden storage unit and the hardware for damage before the truck leaves, we won’t be able to help you later. Neither Reel Barrel® nor the truck companies will be liable if the damage is not caught and documented on the bill of lading while the driver is still present. If there is obvious damage to any component, you must have the driver document the damage, then ask to inspect the Reel Barrel® garden accessory. If the driver says there is no time to inspect, then have him/her sign that you were not allowed to inspect the contents of the shipment.

cabin_newWe recommend you arrange for delivery to a business address or for a terminal pickup.  Freight carriers apply additional charges for residential delivery.  If you do opt for a residential delivery, please be advised that all truck shipments of the Reel Barrel® garden accessory require a signature and someone present when the truck arrives.  If you are unable to be present for the arrival of your Reel Barrels® storage unit, then consider using an alternate ship to address. If you request that a trucking company leave your merchandise without a signature, you wave your right to any claim if there are damages to the product.  We strongly recommend that you are present for the delivery. Carriers will only make one attempt to deliver to a residential address.

In general, there is only one person on truck deliveries.  Heavier shipments usually require someone there to help the truck driver unload the item.  This is not the policy of Reel Barrel®, however, all trucking companies have this policy.  The truck driver is only responsible to help set the item on the ground and nothing more. The trucking company should call the number you provided and set up a delivery time, usually there is a 4 hour window. Your shipment of the Reel Barrel® garden accessory should arrive prepaid with no charges to you.  If you are told there is a charge, please call Reel Barrel® immediately with the name of the carrier, the pro number, and the trucking company’s phone number, if possible. We will take care of it.  Note: inside delivery is not provided due to the expensive nature and the trucking companies’ insurance policy, so don’t ask the trucking company to do it as we will not pay their extra charge for that.

The above is subject to change and revision from time to time without advance notice.

Cancellation/Return Policy for Reel Barrels®
barrel03All sales are final.  The barrels we use are from different distilleries and although we try to choose the very best used whiskey barrels, because of the nature of the product, the barrels will differ in condition.  The slight imperfections in the different barrels give them character and do not affect the integrity of the barrel for our purposes.   The items shown on this website are representative of our product and are not pictures of the actual barrel you will receive.

Cancellations cannot be made after the Reel Barrel® garden accessory has shipped by truck, even if it has been delayed for a reasonable time.  Most truck shipments have a guaranteed delivery date.  If the Reel Barrel® garden hose holder is not delivered by that date, part of the shipping will be refunded.  The details of your order and the expected delivery date will be confirmed through e-mail. If you change your mind after your order has shipped, you may be charged the total shipping cost for the Reel Barrel® storage unit.


Our whiskey barrels are constructed of 1” thick American white oak.
Barrels are held together by 6 double riveted steel hoops.

53gal   36”tall; 21” diameter @ top & bottom; 24” diameter in the middle
Barrel only weighs approximately 120 pounds.