Reel Barrel® US Patent #USD584938S

The New Look In Garden Hose Storage Accessories

Featured in State by State Gardening magazines as a garden accessory must-have, the Reel Barrel® is a unique garden hose storage accessory that provides vintage beauty, great functionality and convenience to an everyday product like your garden hose. Our whiskey barrels add a rustic charm to any outdoor space and is suitable for both homeowners and businesses.

A Storage Accessory Designed to Fit your Lifestyle

When you are ready to purchase a garden hose reel, you want one that is easy to use but it also needs to last. We developed the first Reel Barrel® for ourselves at our house. Like you, we did not want to have to replace it again the next season. The Reel Barrel® garden hose holder is made from authentic American White Oak used whiskey barrels. This is a garden accessory you will not find at your local garden center. Virtually indestructible, it will not shatter, crack or break, as the traditional plastic garden hose holders will do. The patented Reel Barrel® is different by design. It weighs approximately 120 pounds so it will not tip over easily. Just grab the hose and go!

The hose reel that we use is made of sturdy steel with brass and steel fittings. The reel holds up to 200’ of 5/8” hose and will not bend or break from the weight of the hose. The barrel and reel combination comes completely assembled. All that you have to do is attach the 6’ connector hose that is included with the Reel Barrel®, install your hose and you are ready for water!

We do recommend that you place your Reel Barrel® on a level, hard surface. For most people this means you will want to either put down pavers or rocks for it to sit on. In order to keep the barrel in good condition, it needs to be kept from coming in direct contact with the ground.

Why Reel Barrels®?
  • Useful for storing your garden hose or a variety of other hoses
  • A beautiful and functional storage solution for your backyard, patio, or courtyard
  • Great for commercial storage at golf courses, lake cottages, hotel swimming pools, and apartment complexes
  • Available in a variety of finishes

The Reel Barrel® is a garden hose holder with rustic charm that will last you for many years to come. It is a garden storage solution that is long-lasting and hard-wearing. The barrels we use are from different distilleries and although we try to choose the very best used whiskey barrels, because of the nature of the product, the barrels will differ in condition. The slight imperfections in the different barrels give them character and do not affect the integrity of the barrel for our purposes. The items shown on this website are representative of our product and are not pictures of the actual barrel you will receive.

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